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The Beginning

25 Aug

The Beginning

Today is Saturday.   I can tell you exactly how my week will unfold. I am not physic. I am predictable.  I wasn’t always predictable.  In my early twenties, I remember being fun: dancing on tables, striking up conversations with strangers and being a tad adventurous.  Now, wait- I don’t mean I was into extreme sports, I mean I didn’t weigh a list of pros and cons before acting. I acted, following my instincts and gut, but never really following reason. I used to think of life as a multiple choice test.

A) You act and it is awesome!

B) You act and it changes your life

C) You act- it fails, but you tried

D) You don’t do anything and life doesn’t move

Now, at 33, I continually pick D. Example- it is Saturday night.  I am at home. Writing a blog about how boring my life has become. I believe that with every day comes a new possibility. Every choice and action we make throughout our day has the power of creating new possibilities. I believe this, but I live scared.  Fear stops me from engaging in living.  I allow a big heart break in 2003 dictate my life. I keep my heart safe.  My life is wonderfully predictable. I have great friends, good family and a job I love.   Keeping my heart safe has meant never challenging it.  Sticking to the predictable.  I am 33 and I am sick of the predictable! Only I can dig myself out of my rut. I am going to start The Possibility Project!

Possibility Project Rules

If it makes me uncomfortable- Then DO IT!

Talk to strangers. Be aware of your surroundings don’t hide your head in your phone.

Try new things!!

Be unabashedly yourself and don’t apologize!

No excuses!!!

*write down your experiences here for your one reader, Hi Anne, to read

I pledge to challenge life and love it once again and break the pattern of predictability.