MS will not stop me from finishing my list!

19 Dec

I found a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I made this list before MS came into my life. I wrote this list when I was up in the mountains with my two best friends.

My Dreams of accomplishments and things to do for a fun life
1. Go to Den Haag and see Ellen and the Kids again and bring a friend so I can share with them the magic of Den Haag
2. Go to Ireland, Hike in Ireland and find a pub with a thatched roof and two old men sitting at the bar. I get to sit beside them and eavesdrop
3. Go to Scotland
4. Camp in the mountains of Canada
5. Go out East and visit Halifax, New Brunswick, The bay of Fundy, PEI and New Found land
6. See Northern lights
7. Play five songs on the guitar
8. Learn to sing again
9. Write a short story * I did that
10. Write a song
11. Take an art class
12. Be a live nude model for an art class
13. Go on a canoe trip
14. Ride a horse again did that on June 22.2011
15. Take a belly dancing class
16. Runn/Jog a 5Km
17. Write a letter to an editor on an issue I believe in
18. Learn to knit
19. Get my degree
20. Scuba Dive
21. Go sailing
22. Ability to do ten man push ups
23. Go to New York City again and read the Sunday New York Times in a cafe in New York
24. Try in door rock climbing
25. Try out for a community play
26. Go to Italy
27. Go to India and meditate
28. Go to Denmark and see Mette
29. Find a partner risk my heart
30. Perform at an open mike
31. Buy a good camera
32. Take a photography class
33. Go ice fishing
34. Seen Peter’s Ballet live (I buy the ticket)
35. Travel someone where completely alone
36. Be a mother
37. Order a room, service Sundae
38. Be an extra in a film
39. Learn to throw a football
40. Write down your own mission statement and live by it
41. Learn to juggle three balls
42. Go up in a hot air balloon
43. Go to a nudest beach nude
44. Visit a real blues bar in Chicago
45. Write a letter to every person in my life I value
46. Cook a five course meal for my closest friends
47. Shake hands with someone who has had a positive impact on the world and who has made great change
48. Attend a music festival in another country
49. Stay up all night with a person I love and watch the sun set and raise
50. One day get dressed up and ask a stranger out on a date
51. Taken a day to do exactly what I want- A MANDI DAY
52. Milk a cow
53. Go to a sound of music sing along
54. Marry my best friend (but he can’t be gay)
55. Go on a spontaneous road trip
56. When I am a mother I will make a list of 100 things that I want to do with and for my child
57. Dance in the rain until I am 67
58. Meet a person from every continent
59. Listen to all 100 greatest hits as listed by Rolling Stone
60. Fill a journal from beginning to end
61. Win a Bingo Game
62. Go on a blind date that a trusted friend sets up
63. Get to hear a sound test for a favourite artisit
64. Make Pottery on a wheel (Ghost style with or without Patrick)
65. Take a train across Canada
66. BE with Mette, Nickie and Jenn again
67. Take a day to play every lottery ticket! It will be expensive but fun
68. Be strong in who I am and never stop learning or adding to this list! This is the beginning!!

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